Land Day
Millions across the globe mark historic day of Palestinian struggle

Mobilizations for Palestinian Land Day drew crowds around the world who called for an end to the genocide and total liberation of Palestine

Liberating the land: From Africa to Palestine

In Palestine and across the African continent, national liberation from colonialism is incomplete without sovereignty over the land

People’s movements to launch massive Land Day mobilizations in solidarity with Palestine

On March 30, people’s movements and working class parties around the world will mark Land Day as Palestinians continue to resist against land theft and genocide

Palestinians mark Land Day On Land Day, Palestinians renew commitment to right to return of refugees 

Land Day is observed by Palestinians in the occupied territories, in Israel, and by those living abroad as refugees. It symbolizes a collective struggle against the Israeli occupation and the commitment to the right to return

Global solidarity with anti-imperialist struggle in Haiti and other stories

Today we look at the global actions in solidarity with Haiti, the beginning of the trial of former police officer accused of killing George Floyd, protests against UK policing bill, and mobilizations to commemorate Land Day in Palestine.

Palestinians renew their pledge to resist Israeli occupation on Land Day

Since 1976, March 30 is celebrated as land day (yom al-ard) by Palestinians vowing to fight against Israeli occupation of their land and for Palestinian refugees’ right to return