Lebanon-Israel relations
Daily Round-up | Lebanon, Israel reach deal over maritime dispute & other stories

In this episode, we bring you stories of a deal between Lebanon and Israel on offshore gas fields, the US re-examining relations with Saudi Arabia, the UN expressing concern over the crisis in Libya, and the latest from reforms in Colombia

Bank shutdowns, gas field disputes and governance vacuum: Lebanon’s multidimensional crisis

Rania Khalek of BreakThrough News explains the escalating economic crisis in Lebanon marked by bank runs by desperate account holders, crumbling amenities such as electricity and telecom, and declining purchasing power

Daily Round-Up | Hezbollah warns Israel against drilling in disputed gas field & other stories

In today’s episode, we bring you stories from the Israel-Lebanon dispute over off-shore gas fields, the protests in Panama, a UK court decision on Venezuelan gold, and Iraqi protesters storming parliament

Lebanon-Israel dispute over off-shore gas fields veers into dangerous waters

Rania Khalek of BreakThrough News talks about the escalating tensions on the issue of off-shore gas fields which Lebanon and Israel claim and the dangerous contribution of US ‘mediation’

Israeli gas exploration in Lebanon Lebanon warns Israel against violations of its maritime borders

Lebanon claims that Israeli digging in the disputed Karish gas field is a violation of its exclusive economic zone and a “provocative and hostile act”