Lenin Moreno
US troops will return to Ecuador, decades after removal by Correa

Daniel Noboa is carrying to term plans to bring US troops back to Ecuador over a month after he declared an internal armed conflict against drug trafficking groups

Ecuador in crisis: five points to understand a country broken by neoliberalism

Some clues to unravel how in a few years Ecuador went from being a peaceful country to becoming a territory governed by organized crime.

rafael-correa-24-2 Former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa was spied on by Spanish company for CIA

According to El País, private security company UC Global SL spied on Rafael Correa after he left office and passed information about his private meetings to the CIA as well as to his successor Lenín Moreno

Ecuadorian prosecutors requests preventive detention of former president Lenín Moreno

Moreno is accused of receiving bribes for the construction of the country’s largest hydroelectric plant when he was serving as Ecuador’s vice president

Bribery charges to be filed against former Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno

In addition to Moreno, his wife, one of their daughters, as well as two brothers and two sisters-in-law are among those investigated in the Sinohydro case, formerly known as the INA Papers case

Daily Round-up | China lays out plan for peaceful end to Ukraine conflict & other stories

In this episode, we bring you stories of a Chinese peace plan for the Ukraine war, Israel approving over 7,000 settlements, two Yemeni men suing energy company Total over their detention and torture, and former Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno facing prosecution

Ola Bini’s trial resumes. What has happened so far?

The trial against Ola Bini, Swedish software developer and digital rights activist, resumed on May 16. His trial only began in January this year after years of delays

Ola Bini trial resumes Trial of Ola Bini resumes in Ecuador

The final leg of the trial against Swedish software developer Ola Bini started in a criminal court in Quito on Monday, resuming proceedings from an earlier three-day session in January. The ongoing trial comes after multiple delays and documented due process violations since Bini’s arrest in 2019

Case against Ola Bini has consequences for all of Latin America, says report

Bini, digital rights activist and friend of Julian Assange may be sentenced to up to 5 years in prison by an Ecuadorian court

Israeli forces raze Salhiya family home, violence continues in Negev and other stories

Today we look at the demolition of a Palestinian family’s home in Sheikh Jarrah, a strike by hundreds of social workers in Georgia, and more

After recurrent delays, trial of software developer and activist Ola Bini set to begin

According to the defense team representing Ola Bini in Ecuador, the pre-trial process alone was littered with over 65 due process violations, prompting rights groups both within and outside Ecuador demanding charges be dropped against him

10 reasons Luis Almagro has to go

From lighting the fuse for the coup in Bolivia and endorsing repression in countries like Chile and Ecuador to waging a hybrid war against Venezuela, OAS General Secretary Luis Almagro has acted as a representative of imperialism’s interests in Latin America