Lloyd Austin
The United States assembles the Squad against China

The US has relaunched its military cooperation alliance under a new name “the Squad”, but with the same goal: to counter and “contain” China

US officials brazenly deny genocide

The United States continues its policy of unconditionally supporting Israel, but not without significant protest from below

Putin’s nuclear warning is direct and explicit

The thrust of Putin’s state of the union address lies in his refusal to accept a fate for Russia in existential terms arranged by the West

China resumes shuttle diplomacy as Ukraine war drums get louder

A recent statement by French President Emmanuel Macron has led to questions on whether the ground is being prepared for a soft landing for the idea of western military deployment in Ukraine in some form

Pressure rises for Biden to drop military aid to Israel

After over two months of genocide, support for the US’s usual policy of unconditional aid to the Zionist state is dwindling

La asfixiante ocupación de Palestina ahora es una serie de crímenes de guerra

Israel ha violado flagrantemente el derecho internacional humanitario en las últimas tres semanas de bombardeos incesantes sobre Gaza, todo ello con el respaldo político y financiero de Estados Unidos.

The suffocating occupation of Palestine is now a series of war crimes

Israel has grossly violated international humanitarian law in the last 3 weeks of incessant bombing of Gaza, all with the political and financial backing of the US

The US once again refuses to seek peace for Palestine

Both Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin make it clear that the US is ready to escalate an already genocidal war

Can China and the United States establish mutual respect to lessen tensions?

China’s Defense Minister has made it clear that his government is open to dialogue with the US. However, he has put forward a precondition – mutual respect

Russia-Ukraine war Whither Ukraine’s counteroffensive?

The Western media is speculating that it may come by late May. The chances of Ukraine making some sort of “breakthrough” in the 950-km long Russian frontline cannot be ruled out but a Russian counteroffensive is all but certain to follow.

Moscow calls out US’ rules-based order in Europe

As with the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, the Russian decision on tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus is retaliatory, drawing attention to the US missiles stationed close to its borders

US military influence in Philippines Filipino movements protest Marcos Jr’s decision to further open up to US military

The decision to allow US to access more Philippine military bases under the controversial EDCA deal has been criticized by progressive groups and activists