Mark Rutte
Dutch court bans export of F-35 parts to Israel

Parts of US-produced F-35 fighter jets involved in the bombing of Gaza have been supplied to Israel from the Netherlands

Leftists step up protests over Dutch backing of Israeli war on Gaza

Leftist groups have accused the caretaker government of Mark Rutte of duplicity as talk of complying with international laws and human rights is accompanied by the backing of imperialist wars, including Israel’s brutal attack on Gaza

Dutch conservatives cede ground to far-right, Left challenged to fight back

As right-wing parties are set for a long drawn negotiation to form a coalition, widespread racism in the Netherlands is set to be bolstered by the election results

Dutch establishment and right-wing censors the slogan ‘From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will be Free’

Recently, the Dutch House of Representatives passed a motion moved by the right-wing party JA21 condemning the slogan ‘From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will be Free’ as inciting violence. However, progressive sections and protesters continue to champion the slogan as a symbol of justice and the struggle of the Palestinian people

Dutch protests rising poverty Socialists in the Netherlands accuse government of failing to combat rising poverty

Proposals in the 2024 budget presented by the caretaker government on Prince’s Day have been deemed as inadequate to mitigate the rise in poverty amid a severe cost of living and housing crisis

18-07 Dutch Elections Progressive sections call for change as Netherlands gears up for elections in November

Surprising both his supporters and opponents, Mark Rutte, the leader of the center-right People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy and the longest-serving prime minister of the country, has resigned. Progressive opposition forces are preparing for the elections

Tunisia-EU migrant deal Is the EU bribing and blackmailing Tunisia to crack down on migrants?

The Workers’ Party of Tunisia and human rights groups have condemned an agreement between the government and European countries which seeks to end “irregular migration.” They say Tunisia will become a policeman for Europe and crack down on migrants

Dutch Protests Dutch socialists demand solutions to cost of living crisis

The Socialist Party has demanded a cap on energy prices, an increase in the hourly minimum wage, and taxes on the excess profits made by energy companies

NATO countries gear up to supply more weapons to Ukraine

Germany, Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, and Romania are among the countries that have pledged the supply of more weapons to Ukraine. The US has already announced a billion dollars worth of arms supplies in a week

France announces troop withdrawal from Mali after nearly a decade and other stories

Today we look at the withdrawal of French troops from Mali after 9 years, a report on Dutch colonial violence during Indonesia’s independence war, and more

Interview-CJB ‘We demand that the Netherlands leaves the imperialist unions’

The Communist Youth Movement in the Netherlands discusses the situation facing the masses in the country amid the deepening crisis of capitalism. They affirm that struggle is the only way out of the crisis

As Dutch government resigns, left calls for parliamentary inquiry

The Dutch government resigned two months ahead of the general election over a child care subsidy scandal in which thousands of parents were wrongly accused of fraud