Mass unemployment
Center-left alliance challenges the ruling right alliance in India’s national elections

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi may still be popular after a decade in power but his government’s failures to address basic livelihood issues for the majority of the people may give an advantage to the opposition.

Got a degree, but no Job? | With Aunindyo Chakravarty

Journalist and analyst Aunindyo Chakravarty talks about the phenomenon of educated Indian youth failing to get jobs. Unemployment amongst those with graduate or post graduate degrees is twice as much as that amongst those with lesser education

AI will fail… but not why you think | With Aunindyo Chakravarty

Artificial intelligence tools have been in the news in recent times due to a vast variety of creative tasks they seem capable of. Yet, AI is bound to fail and the reason is one word – Capitalism. Economic analyst and journalist Aunindyo Chakravarty explains the logic

Afghanistan food crisis 20 million Afghans experiencing acute food shortage: IPC

“With 38% of the population targeted for humanitarian food assistance, nearly 20 million people – representing half the country’s population – is still experiencing high and critical levels of acute food insecurity,” IPC’s findings note