Millions of women in the US are being left without essential healthcare

As maternity care deserts in the US expand, millions of women in rural areas of the US have been left without access to basic maternity care, including labor wards

Biden wraps up another dismal year

“Genocide Joe” is under fire for his unconditional support for Israel—but he failed long before that

15 million in the US to be kicked off of public health benefits

Millions are to lose Medicaid/CHIP benefits in the coming months as pre-pandemic income eligibility restrictions have returned

Following wins in the private sector, NYC nurses shift fight to public sector hospitals

After over 7,000 NYC nurses went on strike and won historic agreements with private hospitals, nurses serving the poorest patients begin their fight

Healthcare financing in the post-COVID world

The way health systems are financed has a lot to do with the distribution of health inequities around the world. If rich countries were to change their approach to health financing, everyone would benefit