Military coup in Guinea
Burkina Faso, Guinea y Mali proponen un eje estratégico en medio de la destitución militar francesa

Los tres países de África Occidental, que han sufrido recientemente un golpe militar en medio de la creciente indignación pública contra Francia, han acordado un eje Bamako-Conakry-Uagadugú, para una mayor cooperación en asuntos que van desde el comercio a la lucha contra la inseguridad.

Guinea’s plight lays bare the greed of foreign mining companies in the Sahel

Over a year after the coup in Guinea, the military government is unable to construct a viable agenda to exit the country’s dependence on foreign mining companies. In the meantime, the protests for a return to democracy are unlikely to be quelled

Activists denounce AUKUS alliance as a possible new Cold War and other stories

Today we look at the military pact between Australia, the US, and the UK; sanctions imposed against Guinea’s military junta; and more

Guinean military detains president and dissolves government in coup and other stories

Today we look at the coup staged by the military in Guinea, the escape of 6 Palestinians from the Gilboa prison in Israel, and more

Guinea coup Coup in Guinea: military arrests president Alpha Conde, dissolves government

The coup leaders have also announced the dissolution of the country’s constitution, which was amended last year to allow president Alpha Conde to contest for the post of president for the third time