The Congolese people proclaim: the Congo is not for sale!

A new dossier by the Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research examines the Congolese vision for freedom in light of the unfettered extraction of the DRC’s resources

Panamanian unions lead renewed protests against copper mining concessions

Protests have spread across Panama in rejection of copper mining concessions granted to Canadian company, First Quantum Minerals

Gabon coup military African Union suspends Gabon after military coup ousts President Ali Bongo 

Military officers ousted President Ali Bongo on August 30, just minutes after Gabon’s national electoral body proclaimed the incumbent as the winner of the August 26 general elections. Bongo was placed under house arrest as hundreds of people took to the streets in Libreville to celebrate the ouster of a family that has ruled Gabon for 56 years

“For the Lasso government, the economic interests of private mining companies are above the decisions of the Constitutional Court”

Ecuadorian Lawyer Patricia Carrión spoke to Peoples Dispatch about the suspension of a controversial mining decree that activists allege promoted the interests of mining companies

Chile lithium reserves nationalized Chile’s President Gabriel Boric announces plan to nationalize lithium industry

Chile’s President Gabriel Boric has proposed the creation of a state-owned company which will eventually take over the lithium mining sector from private industry giants. The Latin American country has one of the world’s largest lithium reserves and is the second largest producer of the metal globally, after Australia

Peru’s coup government is privatizing lithium mining

The move to privatize one of the country’s key strategic resources has been widely rejected by Indigenous community and left movements

How Maasai women are resisting land grabs

Pastoralists, such as the Maasai community, have lost their land to mining, tourism and conservation as a result of unjust practices that are rooted in colonial processes

Chile’s lithium provides profit to the billionaires but exhausts the land and the people

About a third of the world’s lithium comes from Chile. The needs of the people of Chile seem to only come after the needs of the large corporations.

Brumadinho: mental illness among people affected by the Vale disaster are on the rise

Depression, anxiety, insomnia and panic are among the disorders reported by those affected by the catastrophe

Report shows extent of discrimination, violence by Minneapolis police and other stories

Today we look at an investigation into racism in the Minneapolis Police Department (US), protests against the Capital Control law in Lebanon, and more

Line 3 ruptures cause 300 million gallons of groundwater to overflow and other stories

Today we look at major ruptures caused during the construction of the Enbridge pipeline in the US, discriminatory treatment of refugees in Europe, and more

People’s movements take to the streets against evictions throughout Brazil

The Zero Evictions Campaign is calling for demonstrations in cities throughout the country in observance of the Housing for Life day of action