Ruth Nyambura Ruth Nyambura: “The Venezuelan revolution is the African revolution”

Kenyan activist Ruth Nyambura of the African Ecofeminist Collective spoke to Peoples Dispatch in Caracas, Venezuela during the International Peoples’ Assembly in February.

Argentine farmers oppose bill that will extract royalties for re-planting of seeds

According to the new law that will be discussed in parliament on November 22, seed corporations such as Bayer-Monsanto and Syngenta would be authorized to collect royalties from the farmers even when the re-plant seeds from the previous harvest

Codepink activist shuts down ‘war-mongering’ at Hudson Institute’s talk on Iran

The Institute’s Vice President Lewis Libby and Director of its Centre on Islam Hillel Fradkin wrote an op-ed in September 2012 noting that the ‘uprisings’ in Syria and Libya were purportedly necessary for preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Jury Tells Monsanto to Pay $289 million to Cancer Victim

School grounds-keeper in California developed blood cancer after using Monsanto weed-killer for years.