Movimento dos Trabalhadores Sem Terra (MST)
Death toll rises to 154 in Rio Grande do Sul tragedy

More than 2 million people are affected by the floods in Brazil and more rain forecasted in the coming days throughout the country

The principle of Landless Solidarity and the recent rains in Rio Grande do Sul

With five settlements facing major flooding, the MST has launched a campaign to support those affected by the floods in Rio Grande do Sul

Without struggle, there is no victory

Al Mayadeen spoke to national leader of the MST, João Pedro Stédile, about the situation of the left in Brazil and the need for a global front in defense of just causes and in the struggle against imperialism

Art is the expression of our struggle

The April 2024 TriconArt Bulletin, explores how art becomes a collective expression of resistance in Palestine, and over the 40-year existence of the MST in Brazil.

Over 1,500 farmers gather in Njombe, Tanzania for MVIWATA annual meeting

The movement which is also commemorating its 30th anniversary fights for the dignity and unity of the peasantry in Tanzania in the face of neoliberalism

MST sends another donation of 11 tons of food to families in Gaza

Amid Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza, the movement fighting for agrarian reform has worked with Brazil’s federal government to send food aid to the besieged enclave

Brazil’s largest social movement sends food shipment to Gaza

The MST’s first shipment to Gaza included two tons of rice, corn flour and milk, and more food is ready to be shipped and awaiting transportation

Parliamentary investigation of MST ends with the movement strengthened and failure of far-right

The movement was facing attacks from the MVPs of Bolsonarism and the agribusiness sector, but it has emerged victorious

Why is the Brazilian right-wing afraid of women MPs from the left?

Hundreds of members of trade unions, social movements, left parties and individuals gathered in Sao Paulo in solidarity with six women MPs from left-wing parties.

From Asia to Latin America: global agro-ecological produce debuted at the MST Fair

Foreign organizations sell their products and want to strengthen alternative model of cultivation in the world

What’s behind the attack against Brazil’s Landless Rural Workers’ Movement?

The Chamber of Deputies, dominated by the right, has set up a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry to investigate “the real purpose” of the Landless Rural Workers’ Movement

Commission of Inquiry on MST aims to divert focus from crimes of agribusiness, says João Pedro Stedile

João Pedro Stedile, member of the MST’s national leadership, said the parliamentary commission of inquiry that has been set up to look into the movement, is an effort by right-wing legislators to destabilize the Lula government and deter agrarian reform