Zionism is the catastrophe

At seven months and seventy-six years of the Nakba, Palestinian writer and organizer Kaleem Hawa reflects on what this anniversary means amid the ongoing genocide in Gaza

In suspending funding to UNRWA, the West has become an active participant in Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestinians

Israel has made life impossible for Gazans by eliminating all material conditions for their survival including the crucial support provided by the UN refugee agency

El levantamiento mundial contra la guerra de Israel hacia Palestina

Nunca antes en los 75 años anteriores se había prestado tanta atención a la causa de los palestinos y a la brutalidad israelí.

Israel’s war on Palestine and the global upsurge against it

Never before in the 75 previous years has there been such sustained attention to the cause of the Palestinians and of Israeli brutality

South Africa takes Israel to ICJ for crime of genocide in Gaza

South Africa has urged the court to issue urgent interim measures including an immediate suspension of Israeli military aggression in and against Gaza.

The no-state solution becomes more and more real as Israel’s permanent Nakba continues

Israeli officials have been clear about their intentions with their bloody war on Gaza: annihilation and forced displacement of the population

Israel has been ‘above’ international law ever since its inception

Palestinians have repeatedly paid with their lives, bodies, and land for Israeli impunity which is based on the unconditional backing provided by the US and its European allies

Activists demand better scrutiny of Israeli occupation’s impact on health of Palestinians

The recently concluded 76th World Health Assembly discussed health conditions in Palestine, which are continuously deteriorating because of the Israeli occupation. Activists suggested that WHO should utilize its documentation of attacks against civilians, healthcare facilities, and humanitarian actors to make serious referrals to the International Criminal Court

UN commemorates Nakba Palestinians mark 75th anniversary of Nakba, call for Israel’s suspension from UN

For the first time, the United Nations marked Nakba and the forced displacement of tens of thousands of Palestinians during the founding of Israel in 1948. However, the US, Canada, and some EU countries chose not to participate on Israel’s request

“Israel is built on the ruins of hundreds of Palestinian villages”

The International People’s Assembly (IPA) organized an online event to mark 75 years of the Nakba and the Palestinians’ continued resistance against the Zionist colonial apartheid occupation of Israel 

Palestinians outraged as Ursula von der Leyen invokes Zionist myths to wish Israel on its 75th foundation day

European Commission head Ursula von der Leyen’ statement referred to Israel as the promised land and equated its creation with freedom. The Palestinian Authority and activists across the world termed the statement racist and a defense of colonialism and apartheid

Belgian city of Liege boycotts Israel Belgium city of Liege becomes latest European city to sever ties with Israel 

The resolution in the Liege city council, introduced by the left-wing Workers’ Party, calls for the suspension of ties with Israel until its apartheid regime puts an “end to the system of violations of the rights of the Palestinian people and fully respects the obligations imposed by international law and various United Nations resolutions”