National Unity of Hope (UNE)
Bernardo Arévalo will be Guatemala’s next President

Bernardo Arévalo de León of the center-left Movimiento Semilla won a decisive victory over Sandra Torres of the center-right National Unity of Hope (UNE). Arévalo’s victory was the culmination of a people’s campaign against the “pact of the corrupt”

Right-wing Alejandro Giammattei wins Guatemalan presidential elections

With only 42% participation of the electorate, Giammattei pulled ahead of former first-lady Sandra Torres in the second round of presidential elections in Guatemala

Guatemalan electoral authority releases official results from June elections

After two weeks of delay due to several reports of electoral irregularities and their subsequent investigation, the Guatemalan electoral court confirmed the run-off between Sandra Torres and Alejandro Giammattei

Guatemalans will go to the polls for the second round of presidential elections

The center-right candidate Sandra Torres and the right-wing candidate Alejandro Giammattei will face off in the second round of Guatemalan presidential elections on August 11.