Neo-Nazi groups
Left groups in Italy demand safe return of anti-fascist activist imprisoned in Hungary

Italian school teacher Ilaria Salis has been imprisoned in Hungary for nearly a year, accused of assaulting neo-Nazis during an anti-fascist counter protest

18-02 Anti-fascist Protest - Dresden 1 Anti-fascists expose neo-Nazi ‘mourning’ over Dresden bombing

Far-right political parties and neo-Nazi groups have been trying to hijack the commemoration of the Allied bombing of the city of Dresden during World War II by suggesting it was morally equivalent to the Holocaust

Reichsbuerger movement Germany Demons creep up from Europe’s attic

The recent ‘coup attempt’ in Germany caused shock and alarm and is reflective of the country’s right-wing gaining prominence. But it can also be a chance for the government to push its agenda

NSU Files - Germany German left slams authorities for covering up crimes of National Socialist Underground

Collusion between far-right criminal networks and state security services in Germany has been exposed in multiple cases, triggering widespread protests

Ukrainian refugees Are European countries having second thoughts on Ukrainian refugees?

Enthusiasm towards Ukrainian refugees shown in the early days of the war has started waning with some countries raising the sustainability issue and seeking wider international sharing of responsibilities