Nobel Prize
Svante Pääbo’s Medicine ‘or’ Physiology Nobel and the lineages of humanity

NewsClick’s Prabir Purkayastha and immunologist Dr. Satyajit Rath discuss this year’s Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology which was awarded to Svante Pääbo for his work on paleogenomics

Julian Assange extradition Julian Assange nominated for Nobel Peace Prize as calls for his release grow louder

The Wikileaks founder who has spent more than 1,000 days in a British prison fighting extradition to the United States, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for the third time

Research into Black Holes Has Won the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics

The 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to three researchers – Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel, and Andrea Ghez.

The 2020 Nobel in Physics and finding a monster of a Black Hole in our galaxy

This year’s Nobel Prize in Physics was won by Roger Penrose for his work on the theoretical basis of black holes, and Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez, two astronomers, for verifying the existence of such a black hole at the center of the Milky Way