Hundreds of students occupy Columbia University in solidarity with Gaza

Students stage an occupation the same day as Columbia’s President appears before congress in so-called antisemitism hearing

After over 100 days of protests, repression intensifies against Palestine solidarity movement in NYC

Demonstrators in New York City are experiencing a new wave of repression from the NYPD though protests show no signs of stopping

Nationwide outrage after Black homeless man murdered by white vigilante in NYC subway

A Black homeless man was murdered by a white vigilante in the New York City subway system. “I don’t have food, I don’t have a drink, I’m fed up,” were some of his last words

When killer cops evade accountability, victims’ families find other paths towards justice

John Collado Way in Inwood, New York, is named in honor of a victim of police brutality whose family never achieved justice through the legal system

NYC Mayor Eric Adams evicts hundreds from homeless encampments

Despite crackdown, Adams presented no clear alternative to the streets and transit system for unhoused people afraid to use unsafe shelter system

Fighting for his life: An interview with Prakash Churaman

Prakash Churaman grew up behind bars after being accused of a crime he didn’t commit, now he’s fighting for his freedom

New York City’s police budget cut falls short

The budget cuts have been criticized for being sorely inadequate and to be nothing more than “budget tricks” by progressives

US protests: The critique on the ground is systemic

Eugene Puryear of BreakThrough News talks about the sentiment on the ground in the United States where voices that have been marginalized are coming to the fore. He explains the nature and demands of the #DefundThePolice campaign and also talks about the possibilities in the coming weeks and months when it comes to organizing.

ATW 64_India RCEP_ US NYPD protest_Kenya informal workers Ep 64: India protests against RCEP, victory for Kenya’s informal workers and more

We also take a look at protest against police violence and high subway fares in New York city