Israel is playing a dangerous game in Lebanon

Israel has repeatedly bombed Lebanon, killing civilians and Hezbollah fighters alike. Hezbollah has retaliated with complete restraint thus far in order to avoid a full scale war

Human rights groups demand ICC issue arrest warrants against Israeli officials

A joint letter sent to the ICC also demands an urgent investigation into the allegations of war crimes committed by Israel against Palestinians

Censorship of pro-Palestine content on social media continues

The bias and censorship by social media platforms limits Israeli accountability for its crimes in Palestine and feeds into the dehumanization of Palestinians

Palestinian resistance continues against Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza

After the massacre at Jabalya refugee camp on Tuesday, Houthis in Yemen issued declarations of war against Israel

UNSC discusses war in Gaza Over 420 Palestinian children are killed every day in Israeli war on Gaza, says UNICEF chief

Israel has intensified its bombings inside the besieged Palestinian territory, repeatedly targeting shelters for the displaced and hospitals which are crowded due to the large number of people injured

Israeli bombing in Gaza Israeli forces move into Gaza with tanks and heavy artillery for next phase of its genocidal violence

Israel has completely ignored the UN General Assembly resolution, passed with and overwhelming majority on Friday, demanding an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza

Israel escalates war on Gaza, launching brief ground offensive

US continues to block all efforts to achieve a humanitarian ceasefire in the Security Council despite reports of lack of basic amenities inside occupied Palestine

Israel tells 1.1 million Gazans to evacuate in under 24 hours or face consequences

Large scale demonstrations were held across the world in support of Palestinian people despite the restrictions imposed by some countries

In one morning, 250 killed in Gaza by Israeli bombs

Over 1,400 Palestinians have been killed and nearly 6,900 wounded in Israel’s indiscriminate bombing of the besieged Gaza for the sixth day

Israel-Gaza war Gaza’s power plant shut down. Over 1,055 reported dead from Israeli airstrikes

Palestinians rejected US President Joe Biden’s open support to Israel and called it an attempt to overshadow the “criminality and terrorism of the Zionist government”

Palestinian resistance continues operation amid indiscriminate airstrikes by Israel in Gaza

Israel’s brutal response to the operation by Palestinian resistance groups has been harshly criticized by human rights organizations and activists

British Defense Minister confirms that “conduct of special forces” in Afghanistan is the focus of investigation

The “conduct” that is being investigated includes the killing of Afghan civilians by British Special Forces. According to Leigh Day, a law firm representing the families of the victims, at least 80 Afghans were killed by these forces between 2010 and 2013