Occupied West Bank
Israel is clear on its genocidal aim, but will the ICC act?

For two months, Israel has openly proclaimed its intentions to “erase”, “flatten”, and “burn” Gaza, but ICC’s top prosecutor is yet to issue warrants for the perpetrators

Antonio Guterres invokes Article 99 of UN Charter, urges UNSC to prevent further humanitarian crisis in Gaza

The UN and other aid groups warned of the grave humanitarian crisis, with virtually no safe places for civilians and medical supplies running critically low

Over 800 killed by Israel in weekend bombardment of Gaza

Close to 16,000 Palestinians have now been killed as of the 59th day of Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza, a majority of them women and children, with close to 42,000 injured

Talks to extend Gaza truce continue; Israeli raid in Jenin kills two

Wednesday is the last day of the extended truce between Israel and Hamas. Both sides have expressed the intention to extend the truce if their conditions are met

Israeli war on Palestine continues unabated as more are slaughtered in Gaza, occupied West Bank

Airstrikes and ground attacks in Gaza have killed and injured hundreds of civilians while more Palestinians have been killed in Israeli raids in the West Bank

Israel continues bombing Gaza despite UNSC call for humanitarian pauses

Israel has refused to abide by the binding UNSC resolution passed on Wednesday calling for humanitarian pauses to allow aid to reach Gaza

In Jordan, mass protests for Palestine express “a general popular sentiment”

Thousands of Jordanians have mobilized in protest against the Israeli genocide in Gaza and forced their rulers to stand against bullying from the US and Israel

Indian trade unions stand with Palestine, reject “export deal” to replace Palestinian workers in Israel

India’s Central Trade Union Organizations, representing approximately 100 million workers, have strongly condemned reported talks between New Delhi and Israel that could see the “export” of up to 100,000 Indian workers to replace Palestinian workers

All of Gaza’s hospitals face risk of closure as Israel’s war enters 39th day

The death toll from Israel’s ongoing genocidal invasion rose to 11,360 in Gaza, majority of them children, with raids in the occupied West Bank resulting in the killings of 196 Palestinians so far

Gaza death toll mounts as healthcare collapses under Israeli siege

The incessant and indiscriminate airstrikes over the weekend resulted in two of the biggest hospitals in Gaza, the Al-Shifa and the Al-Quds, ceasing operations

Palestinian prisoners in Israel Israel escalates violence against Palestinian prisoners, rights groups warn of “campaign of assassination and torture”

Occupation forces are conducting mass arrest campaigns in the West Bank and Jerusalem and escalating horrific abuse of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails

Palestinian resistance in Gaza launches historic surprise attack against Israel

The surprise attack, “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood” is the biggest attack launched by a Palestinian resistance force in years, and broke through a nearly two-decades blockade of Gaza