Occupation forces kill six, including three children, in West Bank and Jerusalem

Israel has repeatedly attacked the occupied territories since the war in Gaza killing over 400 Palestinians, including over 100 children, and detaining nearly 8,000

March 13, 2024 by Peoples Dispatch
Photo: Wafa News Agency

Continuing with its unprovoked killing spree in the occupied territories, Israeli occupation forces killed at least six Palestinians, including three children, and injured several others at various places in the West Bank and Jerusalem between Tuesday evening and the morning of Wednesday, March 13. 

Israeli forces stormed the yard of the Jenin government hospital and fired at a group of Palestinians who were standing there, killing at least two and injuring four others. The attack on the hospital was a part of a large-scale military raid on the city of Jenin on Wednesday. 

The Palestinians killed were identified as Rabie al-Noursi and Mahmoud Abu al-Hayjaa. Both were in their twenties. 

Israeli forces caused massive damage to the civilian infrastructure in Jenin on Tuesday. 

Yet another Palestinian child was shot and killed by Israeli forces at Al-Nafaq military checkpoint in Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday. According to eyewitness accounts cited by Wafa News Agency, Israeli forces prevented any medical aid from reaching the child when he was lying injured on the road and let him bleed to death from gun wounds. 

At least three Palestinians, including two children, were killed and three others were injured when Israeli forces opened fire at them at different locations inside occupied Jerusalem on Tuesday, Wafa reported

Two Palestinians were killed and three others were injured when occupation forces opened fire at them near a checkpoint at the town of Al-Jib. The injured were rushed to Palestinian Medical Complex at Ramallah. 

The persons killed were later identified as Abdullah Mamoun Assaf (16) and Zaid Ward Khalaifeh (23). Later, hundreds of people participated in their funeral. 

Israeli occupation forces killed 13-year-old Rami Hamdan al-Halhuli in Jeruslam’s Shuafat refugee camp on Tuesday evening. A video circulating on social media shows that al-Halhuli was targeted by an Israeli sniper when he was lighting firecrackers as a part of Ramdan celebration in the street.

Extremist Israeli politician and national security minister Itamar Ben Gvir supported the Israeli sniper who shot and killed al-Halhuli. Ben Gvir termed all Palestinians, including the three children killed in Jerusalem since Tuesday, as “terrorists” in various posts on X

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called the killings “war crimes and crimes against humanity” in a statement on Wednesday. “The political and military echelon has enabled soldiers and settlers to shoot at Palestinian citizens who do not endanger them in any way. It is obvious that this escalation is proof that the governing coalition is adding fuel to fire to expand the cycle of violence,” the statement said. 

Though the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem have faced occupation violence on a daily basis, the attacks have increased manifold since the current war in Gaza began on October 7 in which over 31,000 Palestinians have been killed and nearly 73,000 have been wounded. 

Israeli forces have repeatedly attacked refugee camps and towns in occupied territories, killing over 400 Palestinian including over 100 children in these last five months. They have detained and arrested over 7,700 Palestinians in the same period and destroyed houses, roads and public infrastructure at a massive scale.