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French public sector employees protest cuts in state spending

On top of the cuts already made in the 2024 budget, the French government also decreed a USD 10.85 billion cut in state spending for 2024.

French workers take to the streets as Macron’s pension reform becomes law

Protests broke out in France after the country’s Constitutional Council ratified the key provisions of the controversial pension reforms. President Emmanuel Macron signed the bill into law early on Saturday

In face of police violence, France rises against Macron’s pension reforms

Massive mobilizations are taking place across France against the pension reforms passed by the Emmanuel Macron government. According to estimates by unions, around 3.5 million people hit the streets on March 23

French government bypasses parliamentary vote and passes unpopular pension reform

Left-wing opposition parties and trade unions have slammed the reform as anti-worker and illegitimate and called to continue protests

French pension protests Rebellion against pension reforms in France continues in the new year

The controversial reforms proposed by the Emmanuel Macron-led French government will introduce a grade point system for ascertaining pension amounts, besides raising the retirement age required to avail pension benefits to 64

Firefighters in France protest pension reforms

In an innovative form of protest, they took over the Place de la Republique in Paris and set up camps that will be stationed there for a week, beginning on December 2.

What is the future of the Yellow Vests movement?

We talk about the beginning of the movement, what it is fighting for, the many challenges it faces, and the future of the movement.