police murder
Greater Boston fights for justice for Bangladeshi immigrant killed by police

Sayed Faisal was killed by Cambridge police after appearing to have a mental health crisis. Peoples Dispatch spoke to local activist Suhail Purkar regarding the struggle

Five Memphis cops arrested and charged with the murder of Tyre Nichols

Memphis police quickly fired and arrested officers in anticipation of the release of the footage of brutal beating of Nichols, which resulted in his death

US police fatally shoot Black delivery driver over 90 times following traffic violation

Fourth of July festivities in Akron, Ohio are canceled due to protests, while police responsible are on paid leave. US police have killed at least 291 people in 2022

Brazilian police brutality murder a mentally ill man using a makeshift gas chamber

Federal Highway Policemen brutally killed Genivaldo de Jesus Santos by locking him inside a car with a large amount of gas