Political prisoners
Palestinian prisoners in Israel How Palestinians in Israeli prisons experience the war

Since October 7, Palestinian political prisoners have had their rights further eroded as the Israeli Prison Authorities carry out a campaign of collective punishment

Palestinian administrative detainees launch solidarity hunger strike amid concerns over health of Kayed al-Fasfous

Concerns have grown as Kayed al-Fasfous continues an over 60-day hunger strike in protest of his unjust and inhumane detention

Egyptian activist Mohamed Adel Rights groups urge Egyptian government to release imprisoned political activist Mohamed Adel

After having already spent five years in pre-trial detention, Adel was sentenced this week to four years in prison on charges of spreading false news and involvement in an unlawful group, among others

Gamal Zeyada arrest Egypt Egyptian activists and rights groups demand release of father of journalist Ahmed Gamal Ziada

Gamal Ziada, father of journalist Ahmed Gamal Ziada, was arrested on charges of spreading fake news. Over 300 individuals and groups have demanded his immediate release and an end to attacks on freedom of expression and the press

Political prisoners hunger strike Bahrain Prisoners launch hunger strike in Bahrain

The strike was launched at the Jaw Rehabilitation and Reform Center, which is mainly used to imprison government critics, dissidents, human rights activists and pro-democracy campaigners

Argentine journalist Raúl Noro, husband of Indigenous activist Milagro Sala, dies at 80

Noro had been in a delicate state of health for the past few months. In June, he suffered a serious breakdown, when the Jujuy police violently raided his and Sala’s home

Hundreds of human rights organizations urge Biden to release Alex Saab

The Venezuelan diplomat has been illegally detained since 2020, a victim of the US hybrid war against Venezuela

Ruchell Magee wins his release after 67 years in shackles

At 83 years old, US political prisoner Ruchell “Cinque” Magee is to be released following a lifetime spent under the boot of oppression

Political prisoner Zaki pardoned Egypt Political prisoners Patrick Zaki and Mohamed el-Baqer are free

Patrick George Zaki had been sentenced to three years in prison on Wednesday while Mohamed el-Baqer, the lawyer of Alaa Abdel Fattah, was serving a four-year term. Rights organizations have urged Egypt to free all political prisoners

Luchadores por la liberación negra de Estados Unidos reflexionan sobre el fallecimiento del Dr. Mutulu Shakur

Shakur fue prisionero de guerra de la lucha por la liberación negra durante 37 años. Sólo fue liberado a meses de morir.

Black liberation organizers across the US reflect on the passing of Dr. Mutulu Shakur

Shakur was a prisoner-of-war of a decades-long Black liberation struggle for 37 years. He was only released when he was months away from death

House raid Milagro Sala Police in Jujuy raid home of Indigenous activist Milagro Sala amid mass protests

The search warrant was issued as part of an investigation into alleged public disturbances in recent days during the protests rejecting the reforms to the provincial Constitution. The reforms promoted by conservative Governor Gerardo Morales have been widely rejected in the province