India’s yearly air haze carnival is here!

The high baseline AQI of around 200-250 in almost all major Indian cities is a matter of concern. However, instead of holistic solutions, what the country is witnessing is panic-driven knee-jerk reactions and false solutions offered by all and sundry without any scientific basis or evidence-based reasoning

An EU double standard with massive impact on the global environment

The European Union is exporting more than 10,000 tons of bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides a year to megadiverse countries despite having banned these chemicals from its own farms to protect pollinators

NYC skyrockets to world’s most polluted city as wildfires blaze in Canada

Masks and stay-at-home advisories are back in New York City, now the most polluted city in the world by far as a result of wildfire smoke from Canada

A week since Ohio disaster, and still no one held accountable for effects of toxins on residents

Ohio residents frustrated after confusing town hall, as more reports of dead animals and illness stream in, and Norfolk Southern comes under increased scrutiny

600 million metric tons of plastic may fill oceans by 2036 if we don’t act now

As the private transportation sector shifts focus to batteries, biofuels, and green hydrogen, fossil fuel stakeholders have been seeking new avenues of revenue in the petrochemical industry in general, and in plastics in particular