Portuguese Nurses’ Union (SEP)
Nurses strike for safe staffing Portugal Nurses in Portugal strike for adequate staffing on International Nurses’ Day

Two nurses’ trade unions in Portugal launched a one-day strike on International Nurses’ Day to fight for better staffing and working conditions. More protests are expected in the coming months with private sector nurses also likely to join in

Portugal nurses strike Shared systemic issues inspire solidarity between Portuguese and British nurses

A historic strike by nurses in the United Kingdom inspired solidarity among health workers in Portugal, who are fighting their own struggle for a better public health system

Nurses Strike - Portugal Nurses in Portugal demand wages at par with employees in public administration 

The Portuguese Nurses’ Union (SEP) accused the Socialist Party (PS)-led government of discriminating against nurses by excluding them while revising salaries of civil servants

Portugal nurses strike Nurses in Algarve, Portugal strike against meager salaries, exhaustion

Nurses in the south district of Algarve, Portugal, held a one-day strike in an attempt to pressure the health administration to provide funds for better working conditions