postal workers strike
2022 saw historic strikes in the UK. 2023 will see them escalate

British workers in the transport, health, and education sectors, among others, have already begun industrial action and more are likely to join in as the government and employers refuse to offer pay hikes that keep up with inflation

Postal Workers Strike - UK Postal workers in the UK to escalate struggle for pay rise

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) has demanded the Royal Mail Group to increase workers’ wages in order to help them cope with the ongoing cost of living crisis

Daily Round-up | Postal workers in the UK vote in favor or industrial strike action & other stories

In today’s episode, we bring you stories of British postal workers voting for a strike, deals between Iran and Russia, violence in Ecuador, and a Turkish court verdict on the Istanbul Convention

Finland postal workers Postal workers’ strike ends in Finland

The workers were protesting the management’s bid to force some of their colleagues into a new collective bargaining agreement which is likely to be followed by pay cuts

Communications Union UK ‘We stand united’: CWU leaders on the court verdict against UK postal workers’ strike

General Secretary Dave Ward and Deputy General Secretary Postal Terry Pullinger of Communication Workers Union (CWU) express their views.