Presidential elections Brazil
Bolsonaro marches against democracy in Brazil

Far-right Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has called on his supporters to participate in mass mobilizations on September 7, Brazilian Independence Day, amid a continued drop in approval ratings and increased scrutiny from both the legislative and judiciary over his government’s actions.

Brazil Elections Round 2 ? Brazil Elections: A choice between fascism and democracy

With ultra right wing candidate Bolsonaro leading the election fray, the threat of violence and repressions against people’s movements looms.

Brazil Elections 2018 ? Brazil Elections 2018: As it happens

Polling began in Brazil at 9 am on October 7 in one of the most significant elections in recent times.

In unprecedented move, former mayor and ex-legislator will be running mates with Lula

Workers’ Party and Communist Party of Brazil explained the strategy to make sure Lula is part of the upcoming elections