US police shoot and kill 13-year-old boy

Nyah Mway was harassed, chased down, assaulted, then executed by police in Utica, New York, igniting spontaneous protest

A red line against genocide, a red line against racism

Israel channels the racist history of the United States in ducking and dodging charges of genocide under international law

White residents of Baton Rouge, Louisiana to form separate city in move termed “neo-segregationist”

A group of wealthy white residents of the Black-majority Louisiana city of Baton Rouge have been permitted to split from the city by the state’s Supreme Court

Milei government shuts down institute against discrimination, xenophobia and racism: “It serves no purpose”

The Milei government spokesman also questioned the ‘trustworthiness’ of those who lead certain government institutes

Eagle Pass stand-off: what’s really behind the border dispute?

The Biden administration has worked to continue Trump’s border wall by any means necessary, including by waiving dozens of federal laws

What would a second Trump presidency mean for the people of the US?

Trump is rocketing through the primaries for the 2024 Presidential election. This is a glimpse into what he wants for the future of the US

Protests erupt in Germany after exposure of far-right conspiracy to deport migrants en masse

An investigative report has exposed a far-right plot, hatched during a meeting in November, to deport migrants en masse from Germany

A mass grave of hundreds of poor and oppressed people found in Mississippi

The extent of the mass grave became widely known after a Black man was run over by a police vehicle and buried in an unmarked grave, unbeknownst to his family

Anti-Arab and Islamophobic hate crimes on the rise in the US amidst Israel’s war on Gaza

Across the United States, Arabs, Palestinians, and Muslims are experiencing a rise in racist attacks, fueled by mainstream rhetoric

Finnish Left slams government’s decommunization attempts in the name of anti-discrimination

The government has been widely criticized for defending two ministers in the right-wing coalition with a history of making racist comments and for trying to use a recently announced anti-discrimination drive to ban communist symbols

Maui wildfire devastation exposes the legacy of colonialism

The worst natural disaster in Hawaiian history is still blazing, where Indigenous residents are being pushed out of their homes

Migrant deaths Libya Tunisia At least 27 migrants expelled from Tunisia found dead in Libyan desert

Xenophobic violence against Sub-Saharan migrants in Tunisia has skyrocketed following the president’s comments that their presence is unwanted