Finnish Left slams government’s decommunization attempts in the name of anti-discrimination

The government has been widely criticized for defending two ministers in the right-wing coalition with a history of making racist comments and for trying to use a recently announced anti-discrimination drive to ban communist symbols

Maui wildfire devastation exposes the legacy of colonialism

The worst natural disaster in Hawaiian history is still blazing, where Indigenous residents are being pushed out of their homes

Migrant deaths Libya Tunisia At least 27 migrants expelled from Tunisia found dead in Libyan desert

Xenophobic violence against Sub-Saharan migrants in Tunisia has skyrocketed following the president’s comments that their presence is unwanted

26-07 Police repression - France A month after Nael’s killing, has the French state learned any lessons?

The killing of 17-year-old Nael and the mass protests that followed once again revealed structural issues and discrimination in France. Activists say these need to be addressed urgently but it does not look like the government has learnt any lessons

Ruchell Magee wins his release after 67 years in shackles

At 83 years old, US political prisoner Ruchell “Cinque” Magee is to be released following a lifetime spent under the boot of oppression

Sub-Saharan migrants Tunisia Tunisia deports hundreds of sub-Saharan migrants across the border to Libya

Human rights group have expressed concern over the migrants’ safety and health in the border areas where they face multiple risks including physical and sexual violence

30-06 French protests (1) Protests continue across France demanding justice for Nael who was killed by police officer

Over 40,000 security personnel were deployed across major cities in France to curb protests against the killing of a French-Algerian teenager by the police. The officer who shot Nael has been taken into custody for the charge of “voluntary homicide by a person in authority.”

US Supreme Court strikes down racial justice in education

Affirmative action was a victory of a radical racial justice movement from below. It just got overturned.

Chinese-American worker and activist arrested for advocating for peace between US and China

Li Tang “Henry” Liang, a hotel worker active in his Boston local union, was suspended from his job after being indicted on federal charges

8-06 Belgian protests Progressives in Belgium protest lenient verdict to fraternity members accused of ragging student to death

Sanda Dia, a Belgo-Mauritanian student, died during a violent hazing (ragging) incident in 2018 which involved forced alcohol consumption, torture, and harassment. Those convicted of the murder have been asked to do community service and pay fines

Black Brazilian movement leaders lead delegation to the US to fight for an end to racist violence

Brazilian activists raise awareness about the “historic genocide” of violence against Black people in Brazil of all genders

Arrest of bail fund organizers in Atlanta sets a dangerous precedent, activists say

Three members of the Atlanta Solidarity Fund were arrested by Atlanta Police officers on the morning of Wednesday May 31 and accused of money laundering and charity fraud