Biden shows signs of capitulating to conservatives on immigration, conservatives don’t care

US President Joe Biden continues to deviate from his campaign promises of a more humane immigration policy

In just six months of 2023, over 110 million people were forcibly displaced

Almost 90% of displaced people are living in low to middle income countries, with 83% of internal displacements recorded in the sub-Saharan region of Africa

Migrant deaths Libya Tunisia At least 27 migrants expelled from Tunisia found dead in Libyan desert

Xenophobic violence against Sub-Saharan migrants in Tunisia has skyrocketed following the president’s comments that their presence is unwanted

World’s richest city says “no more room” left for desperate migrants

New York City’s Mayor Eric Adams tells migrants fleeing violence and poverty “We have no more room in the city”

Leftist parties condemn EU-Tunisia agreement to curb migration

The Workers’ Party of Tunisia and the Italian leftist party Potere al Popolo said that Tunisia’s deal with the EU on migration and an upcoming agreement with the IMF are a “perfect pact between liberalism, authoritarianism and xenophobia” 

EU-Tunisia deal on migrants EU signs border control pact with Tunisia to stop migration

Tunisia will be the second country after Libya to play the role of border patrol to stop the inflow of migrants into European countries through the Mediterranean sea

Syria cross border aid Ahead of vote on aid to Syria through Turkey, UN Secretary General seeks longer extension

The Syrian government has opposed the cross-border aid through the Turkish border claiming it violates its sovereignty and is used by anti-government forces to transfer arms. Instead, it wants the aid to flow through the government machinery

Tunisia-EU migrant deal Is the EU bribing and blackmailing Tunisia to crack down on migrants?

The Workers’ Party of Tunisia and human rights groups have condemned an agreement between the government and European countries which seeks to end “irregular migration.” They say Tunisia will become a policeman for Europe and crack down on migrants

Migrant boat capsizes Greece At least 79 migrants dead and hundreds missing after boat sinks off Greece coast 

The number of dead is expected to rise as rescue operations are still ongoing. The ship had an estimated 500 to 700 migrants, mostly from West Asian and Northern Africa countries

UNHCR forced displacement report A record 110 million across the globe are forcibly displaced, says UNHCR report

The report claims that today, one in every 74 people is displaced due to reasons ranging from war and conflict to climate change. Contrary to the rhetoric of refugees flooding Europe, the majority of them (over 76%) is being hosted by middle or low income countries

Oklahoma cops shot and killed 26-year-old worker after bosses called police

26-year-old meat-processing worker Chiewelthap Mariar was ordered to keep working after being fired. His bosses called the police, who shot him dead

General Elections - Sweden Swedish general elections go to the wire

According to the latest projections, the opposition parties together are likely to have a single seat lead over the incumbent coalition led by Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson