Roger Waters
Roger Waters: “2023 has been one of the most dangerous years ever”

Listen to hear Waters’ and Prashad’s reflections on democracy, capitalism, and the heroic struggle for Palestinian liberation.

¿Hay algún paranoico en el Estadio esta noche? Dos noches en Santiago con Roger Waters

Vijay Prashad reflexiona sobre dos noches de la gira de Roger Waters “Esto no es un simulacro”, que ha enfrentado reacciones violentas del lobby sionista en varios países.

Are there any paranoids in the stadium tonight? Two nights in Santiago with Roger Waters

Vijay Prashad reflects on two nights of Roger Waters’ tour “This is not a drill”, which has faced backlash from the Zionist lobby in several countries

Al cancelar un concierto de Roger Waters, el Ayuntamiento de Frankfurt atenta contra los derechos humanos

La cancelación del concierto de Roger Waters es una amenaza a la libertad de expresión y artística destinada a silenciar las críticas legítimas al gobierno de Israel

Frankfurt City Council undermines human rights by canceling a concert by Roger Waters

The cancellation of Roger Waters’s concert is a threat to free speech and artistic freedom designed to silence legitimate criticism of Israel’s government

Roger Waters UNSC Ukraine war Roger Waters calls for immediate ceasefire in Ukraine in UNSC address 

Roger Waters was invited to speak at the UNSC by Russia and called for a ceasefire but was criticized by Ukraine and the US. He has been critical of the West’s supply of weapons to Ukraine, which he claims may prolong the war

The growing call to free Julian Assange now!

On the three year anniversary of the imprisonment of Julian Assange, progressive leaders from across the world called for Joe Biden to drop the charges against him

Elbit Systems’ arms factory in Oldham shut down following fierce campaign

The Palestine Action group carried out a series of direct actions as part of their campaign such as occupying, blockading, and vandalizing the factory which were ultimately instrumental in forcing its sale and closure

Hey Israel, leave the six alone: Roger Waters

On the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, Roger Waters and Vijay Prashad discuss Israel’s bid to brand human rights organizations as terrorists and its attack on every aspect of Palestinian life

Cuba has endured and will endure: Roger Waters

Roger Waters and Vijay Prashad talk about Cuba’s iconic history and inspiring actions as a beacon of resistance to imperialism and the example it has provided across the globe

Noam Chomsky, Roger Waters, & Vijay Prashad: No Coup in Peru!

Tensions are rising in Peru as Keiko Fujimori has refused to accept her defeat to progressive candidate Pedro Castillo. Chomsky, Waters & Prashad raise the alarm of a lawfare coup

The ruling class is murdering you: Roger Waters on shouting from the rooftops

Musician Roger Waters and Globetrotter Chief Correspondent Vijay Prashad discuss the brutality of the ruling class and the need for relentless resistance to those who would destroy the world for profits