sanctions on Syria
US and allies continue to wash their hands off role in prolonging Syrian war

Even after 13 years of war, the West and its allies continue to promote divisions in Syria through occupation of its land, theft of its natural resources, unilateral sanctions and military interventions

Syria at UNSC Humanitarian situation will improve if all illegal sanctions and occupation are withdrawn, claims Syria

Syria has allowed the continuation of the cross-border aid program in the rebel-held areas in its north-east even though the UN Security Council had failed to adopt a resolution on its extension earlier this month

Tanker war US-Iran Iran dismisses US allegations of bid to seize two oil tankers near Sea of Oman

The US has been opposed to Iranian attempts to create a regional maritime security alliance in the region, even as it maintains its own naval command base in Bahrain

Israeli attack on Syria Syria just suffered a devastating earthquake but Israeli bombing does not stop

Israeli attacks on Syria continue even as Syria struggles with the aftermath of the February 6 earthquake, in which over 5,800 were killed.

Daily Round-up | Global calls to lift sanctions on quake-hit Syria grow & other stories

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Daily Round-up | Western sanctions hampering earthquake relief in Syria & other stories

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Occupation, sanctions, Israeli and Turkish aggression intensify the suffering of the Syrian people

Syria has suggested that “cross border humanitarian aid” to rebel-held areas is discriminatory and a violation of sovereignty, and is demanding that all foreign aid to the country should flow through the government