Sanitation workers
Manual scavenging India Hazardous manual scavenging kills two more workers in India

Two sanitation workers who had attempted to enter a septic tank in Uttar Pradesh’s Unnao district succumbed to poisonous gas

New Orleans sanitation workers demand “basic rights that every worker deserves”

Sanitation workers have been on strike since May 5 to demand better conditions and protections amid the coronavirus pandemic

Sanitation workers in New Orleans on strike to demand better conditions and pay

Sanitation workers, who are hired by the city through a subcontractor, have condemned the lack of safety measures and support from city officials despite being considered essential workers

Manuel scavenging in India Seven workers in India killed while cleaning sewer lines

In the first half of 2019, at least 22 workers, mostly from the Dalit communities, were killed while cleaning sewers.