¿Hay algún paranoico en el Estadio esta noche? Dos noches en Santiago con Roger Waters

Vijay Prashad reflexiona sobre dos noches de la gira de Roger Waters “Esto no es un simulacro”, que ha enfrentado reacciones violentas del lobby sionista en varios países.

Are there any paranoids in the stadium tonight? Two nights in Santiago with Roger Waters

Vijay Prashad reflects on two nights of Roger Waters’ tour “This is not a drill”, which has faced backlash from the Zionist lobby in several countries

Train workers strike in Santiago as protests continue in Chile and other stories

We take a look at the strike by Santiago Subway workers in Chile, the deaths of over 12 minors during a military operation in Colombia, congressional approval of the 1.9 trillion dollar Covid relief bill in the US, an appeal by low income and poor countries to WTO to waive vaccine patents, and the annulment of the criminal convictions against Brazil’s former progressive president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

Healthcare system on the verge of collapse in Chile

Chile is recording nearly 4,000 new cases everyday and about 95% of the ICU beds in the hospitals across the country have already been occupied

Chilean secondary students protest entrance exam and inequalities in higher education

Chilean student organizations claim that the University Selection Test or PSU deepens inequalities in the education sector

Chilean students hop turnstiles in protest against transportation fare increase

With the recent hike, the users of the Chilean public transportation services pay some of the highest fares in the region

Chile teachers strike Chilean teachers’ strike will continue for the third week

Since June 3, the primary and secondary education teachers in Chile are mobilizing against the deterioration of public education, infrastructural problems, long-standing teachers’ debts and curricular changes, among other issues.