Science and Technology
Rethinking our understanding of science and technology

Vijay Prashad of LeftWord talks to NewsClick’s Editor-in-Chief Prabir Purkayastha on his new book, Knowledge as Commons: Towards Inclusive Science and Technology. Prabir talks about misconceptions of our understanding of how science and technology evolve

Imaging technology Ultra-low field MRI scanner could make imaging accessible

Recently, Hong Kong University has reported the possibility of a low-cost MRI using ULF (Ultra-Low Field) magnetic field that is capable of detecting brain lesions

Pandemic, science and technology: lagging behind and dependence in Latin America

Sociologist Javier Calderón Castillo writes about the impact of the neoliberal onslaught in Latin America on development of science and technology

Argentines march in defense of science and technology

Hundreds of researchers, scientists and teachers staged the march protesting the budget cuts in the sector. More than 2,000 students were denied enrollment in research courses this year due to lack of funds

Jair Bolsonaro could be a disaster for the environment, scientific research

Academic freedom in research spaces, the protection of the country’s biodiversity and Brazil’s role in the global struggle against climate change are among the key areas where a Bolsonaro government may have a disastrous impact, scientists fear.