Sergei Shoigu
Putin orders regrouping of Wagner for combat missions

Libya’s Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s Moscow visit signals Russia’s decision to reassert its influence in Africa despite Prigozhin’s absence and Ukraine preoccupations. Looking ahead, the intriguing question is how far these dramatic circumstances would trigger a convergence of interests between the US and Russia in Libya

Russia-North Korea Russia opposes sanctions against North Korea, calls them improper

Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean President Kim Jong-un met in Russia on Wednesday amid heightened speculations in the West about the meeting’s purpose. Kim expressed his country’s full support to Russian attempts to fight against “hegemony and imperialism”

Sergei Shoigu and Kim Jong-un Russia and China have a shared vision for North Korea

The visits of Sergey Shoigu and Li Hongzhong indicate that Russia and China are close to North Korea in response to the Biden Administration accelerating the deepening of a trilateral alliance between Washington, Tokyo, and Seoul

Cluster munitions Ukraine US cluster munitions supply to Ukraine will harm civilians the most

Millions of people have been affected by the use of cluster munitions by the US in countries like Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, even years after the wars have ended. The same plight awaits civilians in the current war zone in Ukraine

Did Putin anticipate the coup bid by Wagner’s Prigozhin?

Former Indian diplomat M.K. Bhadrakumar analyzes the coup attempt by Yevgeny Prigozhin of the Wagner group. He maintains that Russian intelligence was aware of the possibility of this insurrection attempt and Prigozhin’s likely ties to western spy agencies

The rise and fall of Yevgeny Prigozhin The rise and fall of Wagner Group’s Yevgeny Prigozhin

Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin’s increasingly defiant public posturing was becoming a serious distraction for the Kremlin. One possibility is that Russian intelligence gave him a long rope to hang himself

China-Russia ties China, Russia circle wagons in Asia-Pacific

Such cooperation demonstrates a high level of trust and requires a possible integration of Russian and Chinese systems

Daily Round-Up | New right-wing government under Netanyahu takes charge in Israel and more

In today’s episode, we bring you stories of the new government taking charge in Israel, the meeting of defense ministers of Syria and Turkey, the arrest of Luis Fernando Camacho in Bolivia, and UN agencies warning of the reduction of work in Afghanistan

Ukraine war death toll Ukraine war tolls death knell for NATO

Logically, the option open to the US at this point would be to disengage. But that becomes an abject admission of defeat and will mean the death knell for NATO, and Washington’s transatlantic leadership goes kaput

US war hysteria over Ukraine won’t gel

A new level of criticality has appeared lately in Donbass with large scale mobilization by Ukrainian forces and reports of western mercenaries in the guise of military advisors. The US intentions remain unclear