Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
Palestinian trade unions call on US labor to take concrete action against Israel’s genocide

In a statement, the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions called on US trade unionists to intensify their actions to put an end to the US-backed genocide in Gaza

One of the largest unions in the United States just called for a ceasefire in Gaza

The Service Employees International Union, which boasts two million members, joined a growing section of the US labor movement in calling for a ceasefire in Gaza

Largest health workers union in United States calls for ceasefire

Support for a ceasefire is growing among the US labor movement as 1199 SEIU joins the global movement

Los Angeles bosses feel the pressure with four unions on strike

Four simultaneous strikes strikes hit the city of Los Angeles yesterday when city workers walked off the job

87% of service workers in the US South were injured on the job last year

Southern service workers allege that South Carolina’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration discriminates against Black workers

Education workers in Los Angeles just won a resounding victory

LAUSD workers secured increases on their poverty wages after a historic 65,000-strong strike last week

65,000 Los Angeles education workers are on a historic three-day strike

Workers are fighting for salaries above their current poverty wages, a demand which the the school district with a surplus of USD 5 billion has refused to accept

NLRB files sweeping complaint against Starbucks for union-busting

Starbucks workers fighting for a nationwide union have won a major victory after the US government agency sided with workers against the company

Workers in New York vote to form first Starbucks union in the US

This is one of three stores in the same city to vote on a union in recent weeks, part of a larger push to unionize at the multi-billion dollar company

Modi government to repeal farm laws, struggle continues for other demands and other stories

Today we look at the success of the Indian farmers’ struggle in pushing a repeal of 3 laws, sympathy strikes by over 40,000 Kaiser Permanente health workers in the US, and more

Haiti’s de facto president Jovenel Moïse killed in overnight attack and other stories

Today we look at the killing of Haiti’s de facto president Jovenel Moïse, soldiers accused of killing civilians as part of Colombia’s false positives case and more

US nursing home workers strike Connecticut nursing home workers secure “basic agreement”, postpone strike

The State government led by governor Ned Lamont and SEIU’s District 1199 New England finalized a “basic agreement” of USD 267 million just hours before the strike by around 2,800 workers in over 26 nursing home facilities was set to begin