South-south cooperation
Global South countries participate in 3rd Belt and Road Forum to assess progress

The third Belt and Road Forum, which was launched in 2013, is estimated to have surpassed over a trillion dollars in total value

Venezuela, Bolivia aim to join BRICS (1) Bolivia and Venezuela express interest in joining BRICS

The governments of Bolivian President Luis Arce and Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro have officially applied to join the BRICS economic bloc and contribute in building a multipolar world

Tshisekedi China visit Are DRC-China ties set to see an uptick?

Despite a policy pursued since the beginning of his mandate that does not put the interests of the people first, the Congolese president, by returning from his stay in China with several agreements, has taken a step that demonstrates that he has made a sovereign choice for the country: to negotiate with a major Southern power

BRICS summit calls for a true multilateral world based on an alternative economic order  

During his inaugural address, Chinese President Xi Jingping denounced Western countries’ policy of using their economic power as a weapon against the rest of the world and called for greater south-south cooperation in the field of technology and collective economic development