Textile workers
Unite the union The red union will never fold!

Mbali Ngwenda of the Pan Africanism Today Secretariat writes about the struggles of United Textile Employees (UNITE), the radical textile workers’ union of Lesotho

4,000 garment and textile workers quit jobs in protest in Southern India

The mass resignation of the workers was due to severe exploitation and also physical abuse by the bosses and the police.

Right to sit kerala explained Explained: Emergence and journey of right to sit movement in Kerala

The struggle by the workers, under the banner of Asanghadita Mekhala Tozhilali Union (AMTU) emerged victorious after the communist government in Kerala passed an amendment to the labour law ending the inhuman practice.

Lesotho garment workers Workers in Lesotho’s ‘garments’ sector threaten strike

The workers in two of the Nien Hsing’s six factories demand the creation of a separate fabric and paper mill sector, the activities of which are wrongly classified under garment sector, which has the lowest pay.