Total Peace
Colombia Indigenous protest against violence Colombian Indigenous and social organizations march against violence in Bogotá

The protesters also expressed support for the various social reforms presented by the Gustavo Petro government in the Congress that seek to transform the social reality of Colombia

Colombia EMC ceasefire Colombian government and FARC dissident group announce bilateral ceasefire

The Gustavo Petro government and the Estado Mayor Central, a dissident group of the demobilized FARC-EP guerrilla group, have reached an agreement for a 10-month bilateral ceasefire

Columbia ELN peace talks Colombian government and ELN conclude fourth round of peace talks, agree to create humanitarian zones

The government and the ELN reached an agreement on the creation of three humanitarian zones to alleviate the situation of communities affected by the internal armed conflict

Gustavo Petro’s first year: Social and environmental justice and regional integration

Petro’s inaugural year was characterized by guaranteeing free higher education, agrarian reform, reopening of relations with Venezuela, and an attempt to reform health care, labor regulations, and pensions

Paramilitary violence takes more lives in Colombia

During the past week, one Indigenous leader, one social leader, one former member of the FARC were assassinated, and three people were killed in a new massacre

Colombia ELN ceasefire Colombian government and ELN halt offensive operations ahead of ceasefire

The cessation of offensive operations was agreed upon in June during the third round of peace negotiations between the Colombian government and the ELN in Havana, Cuba. It comes ahead of a 180-day truce that will take effect on August 3

Third round of peace talks with ELN could end with bilateral ceasefire

The closing ceremony of the third round of peace talks between the Colombian government and the ELN will be held on June 9. There is a strong possibility that the parties will sign an agreement on the long-awaited bilateral ceasefire

Rising tensions in Colombian government peace talks with the ELN

The proposal was made during a meeting with Afro-descendant, Indigenous and peasant communities affected by illicit crops and guerrilla and paramilitary groups. Talks between the Colombian government and the ELN are currently going on in Cuba

Colombian President Gustavo Petro warns of coup plot against him

Retired members of Colombia’s military forces mobilized in Bogotá on Wednesday to protest the president and call for his removal

Colombian government and ELN to hold third round of peace talks in Cuba

The delegations of the Colombian government and the ELN are expected to reach crucial agreements on a bilateral ceasefire and participation of civil society groups in the peace process

Peace talks between Colombian government and FARC dissident group to begin in May

The announcement was made during a public event held in Caquetá with the objective of sharing the group’s proposals for peace talks with social organizations and requesting their participation in the peace process

Colombian government and ELN begin second round of peace talks in Mexico

In this round, the negotiating parties seek to reach an agreement on the possibility of establishing a bilateral ceasefire