Russia-Africa summit Second Russia-Africa Summit ends with commitments towards cooperation across key sectors

Hosted in St.Petersburg, the two-day summit was attended by delegations from 49 African states. The meeting has produced a 74-point joint declaration for collaboration on matters including security, trade, and the environment

BRICS new currency Towards de-dollarization: BRICS advances alternative to US-dominated financial system

A senior Russian official indicated that a new currency project might be announced at the upcoming BRICS summit in South Africa. The alliance’s other members—Brazil, China, Russia, and India—have already taken steps to bypass the US-dominated global trade and finance system

US China trade war At the root of the US-China ‘trade wars’ lies the crisis of capitalism

The release of the Huawei executive, Meng Wanzhou, on bail will not make the ongoing trade negotiations any smoother.

Tunisian unions work to block docking of ship with ties to Israel

The Palestinian BDS National Committee termed the action against the Cornelius A, which was prevented from docking at the Rades port, a “first of its kind victory in the Arab world”.

Amid EU-UK sparring, Brexit’s Irish impasse remains unresolved

With the interests of the Irish people on both sides of the border at the mercy of the negotiating powers, rumblings of an Irish unification, which would have seemed far-fetched prior to Brexit, have been sounding in both the countries.

RCEP is intended to prevent government regulation and maximize private profit

Activists say the deal disenfranchises the people and leaves very little scope for the government to control corporate excesses

RCEP: People’s movements resist free trade agreement

Organizations across the Asia Pacific region have condemned the secrecy surrounding the negotiations and pointed out that the deal will have an impact on poor and developing countries

Japan-India military exercises a harbinger of deeper ties

The two countries are key components of US strategy in the region that seeks to counter rising Chinese influence

As Trump tweets war threats, countries look at continuing business with Iran

With the first round of US sanctions set to go into force in August, countries, across the world, especially those dependent on Iranian oil are working out how to navigate past the restrictions

Activists gather in Bangkok to discuss countering RCEP

The deal is likely to deal a huge blow to the less developed countries in the Asia-Pacific region and benefit big corporations and the richer countries

Organizations oppose secretive negotiations around RCEP trade agreement

A report released on Friday says the public consultation around the deal has been extremely poor, while corporations have had undue influence on the discussions and the agenda

The Trump-Putin Meet and the Chorus of Disapproval

The meeting between the Russian and US presidents saw global and US establishments respond in predictable ways