United Parcel Service (UPS)
Teamsters win their agreement: Why is it historic and what’s next?

After scaring the capitalist class with a 350,000-worker strike threat, Teamsters have already pivoted to organizing Amazon workers

4 things to know before 340,000 UPS teamsters potentially strike

With less than two weeks before a potential strike, Teamsters leaders are set to go back to the negotiating table next week

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UPS workers in New York describe the trauma they endured being on the frontlines in the epicenter of the epicenter during the COVID-19 pandemic

“Huelga inminente”, dicen los líderes de los Teamsters al abandonar las negociaciones con UPS

En respuesta a las propuestas económicas a la baja de UPS, los Teamsters retaron a la empresa a presentar una propuesta que satisfaga las demandas de los trabajadores antes del 30 de junio.

“Strike imminent” Teamsters leaders say as they walk out of negotiations with UPS

In response to UPS’ lowball economic proposals, Teamsters challenged the company to provide a proposal that meets worker’s demands by June 30

UPS workers launch strike authorization vote

If push comes to shove, the Teamsters will not shying away from using their ultimate leverage: a work stoppage which would be one of the largest strikes in US history

Why 340,000 UPS workers are preparing to strike in the US

United Parcel Service workers and the company are in negotiations over a new contract. The workers, who are vital to the country’s economy, often don’t have time to return home for a full night of sleep or are forced to rest in shelters because their pay is too low to afford a room