US-China tensions
Activists detail frontline struggles against US militarism in Northeast Asia

The Asia-Pacific region has once again become a hotspot in Washington’s new Cold War, as Biden’s Indo-Pacific Strategy has been dead set on forging a new anti-China bloc across the region

“War is violence against women” say feminist groups in the Philippines

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, feminist groups in the Philippines rallied against war and US militarism

McCarthyism is leading us to war

As the US is scrambling to maintain its hegemony, anti-war voices critical of US militarization policy in the war in Ukraine or around China are red-baited and silenced

Modi visits US China is the subtext as Modi and Biden discuss mutual strategic interests, trade, and technology

In a massively hyped visit, Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister, was received at the White House where he held discussions with US President Joe Biden. The US sought to bring India further into its strategy of encircling China

¿Podrán China y los Estados Unidos establecer el respeto mutuo como base para disminuir las tensiones?

El Ministro de Defensa de China ha dejado claro que su gobierno está abierto al diálogo con Estados Unidos. Sin embargo, ha puesto una condición previa: el respeto mutuo.

Can China and the United States establish mutual respect to lessen tensions?

China’s Defense Minister has made it clear that his government is open to dialogue with the US. However, he has put forward a precondition – mutual respect

US spy plane South China Sea The tale of a US spy plane over the South China Sea

A US spy plane and a Chinese military jet had a close encounter over the South China Sea. While the US claimed the Chinese plane intercepted its reconnaissance aircraft “unprofessionally,” China demanded that the US “restrict its frontal maritime and aerial forces’ actions and strictly abide by related international laws and relevant agreements”

Chinese balloon over US US shoots down high-altitude balloon and whips up anti-China paranoia

The presence of a large balloon over North America caused mass paranoia in the US as both right-wing politicians and Biden administration officials fanned “Chinese spy balloon” claims

The global faultlines of 2022

NewsClick’s Prabir Purkayastha discusses the major hotspots of 2022, including the Ukraine war and US-China tensions, and their implications for the coming year

Daily Round-Up | Morocco criticized for sentencing asylum-seekers after Melilla incident and more

In today’s episode, we bring you stories of Moroccan authorities punishing asylum seekers, China carrying out military drills, Venezuela’s opposition abandoning Juan Guaido, and an Israeli right-wing plan to Judaize Palestinian territories

US NATO role in Russia-Ukraine conflict NATO allies in Asia-Pacific resort to war-mongering and militarism

From participating in US-imposed sanctions to funding ammunition and embarking on a wave of militarism, NATO’s warmongering has its allies in the Asia-Pacific region contributing to escalating the situation in the Ukraine war