US sanctions against Venezuela
US resumes previously suspended sanctions against Venezuela after candidate declared ineligible

The US had temporarily eased some of the unilateral coercive measures against Venezuela following agreements between the government and the opposition about the upcoming elections

US announces temporary suspension of sanctions against Venezuelan oil and gas

The measure lasts 6 months and renewal depends on compliance with electoral agreement; this is a “diplomatic victory,” says Caracas

Venezuela wins lawsuit in Portugal, recovers frozen assets worth over 1.5 billion USD

The assets had been frozen in a Portuguese bank since 2019. They were intended for the purchase of medicines, food products and other essential supplies for the country

Hundreds of human rights organizations urge Biden to release Alex Saab

The Venezuelan diplomat has been illegally detained since 2020, a victim of the US hybrid war against Venezuela

Nicolás Maduro makes historic trip to Brazil for South American Presidents’ Summit

Maduro deemed the meeting a “historic and transcendental event” and an important step to reactivating comprehensive joint work between the two countries

How sanctions affect the poor and vulnerable

In this video, we take a look at the politics behind sanctions, how they have become the preferred choice of the US to exert pressure on its rivals and bring about regime change, and how they affect the poor and vulnerable the most

Economic sanctions make populations in targeted countries poorer, sicker and vulnerable

According to a study published by CEPR, rich and developed countries in the West have increased the use of illegal unilateral punitive measures despite being aware of their ill effects on people

Activists demand US Representative Jim McGovern take action against sanctions

Solidarity activists continue to press US representatives to demand the end of deadly sanctions against Venezuela and Cuba.

Colombia hosts Conference on Venezuela International conference on Venezuela concludes in Colombia with call for lifting US sanctions

The conference was organized with the objective to reignite the dialogue and negotiation process between the Venezuelan government and the platform of opposition sectors, which came to a halt towards the end of last year

Hugo Chávez didn’t die, he multiplied!

Ten years since his passing, the legacy of Commander Hugo Chávez lives on in the people of Venezuela and the world

US sanctions against Venezuela renewed US renews “national emergency” against Venezuela, keeping brutal sanctions in place

President Joe Biden has renewed the Obama-era Executive Order 13692 against Venezuela, citing an “unusual and extraordinary threat” to US national security. The measure has been used to impose an illegal sanctions regime targeting the socialist country, its people, and its economy

Venezuela rejects US ‘BOLIVAR Act’ that penalizes business with its government

The ‘BOLIVAR Act,’ approved by the US Senate last Friday, prohibits US federal agencies from doing business with anyone who has commercial dealing with the Nicolás Maduro government