Victor Jara
Anti-government protests in Chile enter a third week

Chileans are demanding the resignation of President Sebastián Piñera, the establishment of a National Constituent Assembly and punishment for state officials, responsible for human rights violations during the protests.

Víctor Jara Victor Jara and the rhythm of resistance

He symbolized the idea that art and progressive politics should converge to strengthen people’s resistance. To this day, Jara’s resistance remains an inspiration for peoples’ movements across the world.

ATW 51_Special_ 1973 coup in Chile Around the World in 8 Minutes: The 1973 coup in Chile

In this special episode of Around the World in 8 minutes, we look at the anniversary of the 1973 coup in Chile that overthrew Salvador Allende and led to large-scale human rights violations and assassinations.

In Chile, a thousand guitars pay homage to Victor Jara

A number of events and debates are taking place around the 30th anniversary of the referendum following which Augusto Pinochet had to step down

45 years after his murder, Victor Jara’s killers are finally convicted

Eight of the nine officers found guilty were sentenced to 18 years in prison