War crimes
Israel’s killing of seven aid workers in Gaza was intentional

Israel has killed aid workers and levelied false charges against agencies such as UNRWA, revealing its use of starvation as a weapon

ICJ expands urgent measures in genocide case against Israel as famine “sets in” in Gaza

The Court has issued orders for Israel to “ensure” the “unhindered provision” of humanitarian aid, as 31 people have been killed due to deliberate starvation in Gaza

Controversies and fraud marred the elections in DR Congo

Congolese activist Kambale Musavuli speaks to Peoples Dispatch about the recent electoral process in the DRC and what the results mean for its future

Israel’s war crimes

Every time the UN can get more aid into Gaza, the Israeli bombardment of civilian areas intensifies, and the civilian deaths increase

Human rights groups demand ICC issue arrest warrants against Israeli officials

A joint letter sent to the ICC also demands an urgent investigation into the allegations of war crimes committed by Israel against Palestinians

Israel is clear on its genocidal aim, but will the ICC act?

For two months, Israel has openly proclaimed its intentions to “erase”, “flatten”, and “burn” Gaza, but ICC’s top prosecutor is yet to issue warrants for the perpetrators

Colombia joins Algeria in filing legal complaint against Israel in International Criminal Court

Several countries have taken steps to formally denounce the Israeli genocide of Gaza, some steps more assertive than others

Arab-OIC summit calls Israeli assault on Gaza a war crime

The summit, hosted by Saudi Arabia and attended by 57 countries — members of the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) — also rejected the Israeli claim that its war on Gaza was in “self-defence”

Israel quiere un Estado de apartheid o un proceso de limpieza étnica. Desde el derecho internacional, los dos son crímenes

La clase política israelí parece estar utilizando el conflicto iniciado el 7 de octubre como pretexto para borrar a los palestinos de Palestina

Palestinian resistance continues against Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza

After the massacre at Jabalya refugee camp on Tuesday, Houthis in Yemen issued declarations of war against Israel

Israel wants either an apartheid state or an ethnic cleansing process, both crimes under international law

The Israeli political class appears to be using the conflict that began on October 7 as the pretext to erase Palestinians from Palestine

Bolivia severs ties with Israel over crimes against humanity

Bolivia becomes first Latin American country to cut ties with Israel since October 7