workers’ protest
British workers march to denounce Tory anti-strike law

A law which allows employers to target workers in some sectors for not providing services during a strike came into effect in December. British trade unions have vowed to resist the law

Bangladesh garment workers protest colleagueís killing for seeking unpaid wages Fatal assault on union leader triggers protests in Bangladesh’s Gazipur

50-year-old Shahid ul Islam was allegedly beaten to death in an attack on Sunday evening which other union members claim was perpetrated by “mercenaries” of factory owners. 

20-05 Anti-protest bill - Belgium Left parties and unions in Belgium take a stand against bill to ban ‘rioters’ from protests

The Belgian government is proposing a parliamentary bill which seeks to ban ‘rioters’ from taking part in protests. Trade unions and leftist parties such as the Workers’ Party of Belgium say that the bill could be used to target their members and other activists by branding them as rioters

8-05 UK Protests Anti-monarchists and Republicans in the UK protest coronation of Charles III

As the UK struggles with a severe cost of living crisis and workers struggle for pay hikes, the decision to hold an elaborate and expensive coronation ceremony has been widely criticized. 51% of the respondents in a poll conducted in April by YouGov said that the coronation ceremony should not be a state-funded event

Blinkit app-delivery workers in India strike against increasing exploitation

Blinkit, a quick grocery delivery app in India, has slashed the pay of its delivery partners to as little as around USD 0.18 (Rs. 15) per delivery. Delivery partners in different parts of capital city New Delhi and across other Indian cities have gone on strike.

Blinkit workers protest India Delivery workers at Indian grocery delivery platform ‘Blinkit’ go on strike against pay revision

Delivery partners of the quick-delivery company are demanding that a new pay structure, which will reportedly substantially reduce their current incomes, be immediately rescinded

Massive rally of farmers and workers in Indian capital New Delhi

The rally was jointly organized by three of India’s biggest organizations representing workers, farmers, and agricultural laborers

Sri Lanka privatization Workers launch strike against privatization of Sri Lanka’s state-run petrol corporation

The government’s program to divest from state-run enterprises like the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) and Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) are parts of managing state expenditure as per the IMF’s conditions

22-03 Workers' Strike - Germany Public sector employees continue strikes in Germany demanding increase in wages

The third round of negotiations between trade unions and municipal and federal employers in the public sector is scheduled to start on March 27

Right to Strike - UK Massive workers’ rallies across UK defend the right to strike 

The Tory government in the UK has been waging a war against the working class through its austerity-ridden policies and anti-worker legislation

Zydus workers protest India Workers in Uttarakhand, India continue struggle against factory closure

Hundreds of workers have been protesting for eight months against an illegal factory lockout and demanding the restoration of factory operations as well as compensation

South Korea truckers strike Despite government’s back-to-work order, South Korean truckers continue strike

The nationwide truck drivers’ strike completed 10 days on December 3, despite back-to-work orders and further strike-busting threats from the conservative Yoon Suk-yeol government