Workers’ rights
NUMSA calls for boycott of PUTCO bus company over “inhumane” treatment of workers

Around 120 members of NUMSA employed by South African transporter PUTCO, who were suspended following an unprotected strike in 2022 over a wage dispute, have been subject to undignified conditions including a lack of access to decent toilets at the company’s depots.

Milei declares war on Argentine working class with presidential decree

Milei pushed forward more than 11 labor laws and modified 20 aspects of the Labor Contract Law. It will now be cheaper to fire, protests are restricted if not banned, and precariousness will be the order of the day.

Italian workers resist Salvini’s strike breaking methods

Deputy premier Matteo Salvini has tried to undermine workers’ strike in Italy on several occasions in over a month.

Seoul Metro workers stage “warning strike” over planned layoffs

The management of Seoul Metro has used losses over the past few years as a reason behind laying off over 2,200 workers, while trade unions argue it will affect safety standards

Autoworkers brought car manufacturers to their knees and won big

UAW workers end their “Stand Up Strike” after reaching historic agreements with three largest automobile manufacturers in the US

NUMSA Ekapa mine strike South Africa South African police attack and arrest striking workers at Ekapa diamond mines 

Hundreds of NUMSA members began a strike at the Ekapa diamond mines on August 7. On August 10, police forces arrested 43 striking workers after attacking the picket line with water cannons and tear gas

ITUC Global Rights Index Bangladesh ranked worst country for workers in ITUC’s 2023 Global Rights Index

The 2023 Global Rights Index noted that workers’ rights have consistently deteriorated in the Asia Pacific region over the last 10 years with governments passing various laws that undermine workers’ interests

Thousands of hotel workers strike in Los Angeles

This fourth of July weekend—a major time for the hospitality industry in the US—hotel workers have walked off the job in one of the nation’s most visited cities

AMLO rally fifth anniversary Tens of thousands gather at Mexico’s Zócalo square to celebrate fifth anniversary of AMLO’s presidential victory

Since assuming office, President President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, popularly known as AMLO, has taken significant steps in strengthening Mexico’s sovereignty and challenging the hegemony of the United States. His administration has also made enormous strides in uplifting poor and working people in Mexico

“Huelga inminente”, dicen los líderes de los Teamsters al abandonar las negociaciones con UPS

En respuesta a las propuestas económicas a la baja de UPS, los Teamsters retaron a la empresa a presentar una propuesta que satisfaga las demandas de los trabajadores antes del 30 de junio.

Labor reform bill faces setback in Colombia

The bill was shelved on the same day that right-wing activists held small rallies to protest the government of Gustavo Petro

Palestinian teachers on strike Palestinian teachers resume strike over long-standing demands on pay and other work-related issues

Teachers decided to go on strike within days of ending their two-month strike after the government failed to honor its agreed upon commitments