World Health Assembly (WHA)
WHO negotiations for Pandemic Treaty extended due to disagreements

WHO members failed to agree on a final version of the new Pandemic Treaty which is to be adopted at the upcoming World Health Assembly in May. Global North countries are resisting calls for suspension of intellectual property claims on essential products, including vaccines

WHO EB endorses Global Health and Peace Initiative, calls for continued strengthening and financing surge

Members of WHO’s Executive Board endorsed the Global Health and Peace Initiative, opening the door for more discussion on peacemaking role of health around the world

Will WHO members seize the moment to fight against inequities?

The WHO’s Executive Board is meeting for its 154th session in Geneva from January 22-27. Countries are edging towards the set deadline for finalizing the Pandemic Treaty, yet much more remains to be discussed

COVID-19 has killed more than 7 million people since 2020

While COVID-19 has disappeared from front pages, the virus is still claiming thousands of lives each month. The WHO warns against complacency and urges continuation of vaccination

La resolución de la Asamblea Mundial de la Salud sobre la salud de los pueblos indígenas es un momento histórico

Ricardo Weibe Nascimento Costa, Viceministro de Salud de los Pueblos Indígenas de Brasil, reflexiona sobre la importancia de la histórica resolución sobre la salud de los pueblos indígenas en la 76ª Asamblea Mundial de la Salud.

What Ebola teaches us about facing pandemics

Jyotsna Singh of Peoples Health Dispatch talks to Francisco Viegas of the MSF Access Campaign talks about the lessons from the Ebola outbreaks as the World Health Organization discusses the Pandemic Treaty

WHO Health of Indigenous peoples World Health Assembly resolution on the health of Indigenous peoples is a landmark moment

Ricardo Weibe Nascimento Costa, Vice-minister for the Health of Indigenous Peoples in Brazil, reflects on the importance of the historic resolution on the health of Indigenous peoples at the 76th World Health Assembly

Activists demand better scrutiny of Israeli occupation’s impact on health of Palestinians

The recently concluded 76th World Health Assembly discussed health conditions in Palestine, which are continuously deteriorating because of the Israeli occupation. Activists suggested that WHO should utilize its documentation of attacks against civilians, healthcare facilities, and humanitarian actors to make serious referrals to the International Criminal Court

WHO Budget Is corporate influence on World Health Organization set to increase?

As the ongoing World Health Assembly discusses funding for the WHO, there are rising concerns of the agency being further dependent on corporate and other non-member donors whose contributions are for specific programs

What to expect at the 76th World Health Assembly

As delegates gather in Geneva for the 76th World Health Assembly, health activists remain vigilant about topics still missing from the WHO’s agenda

Inspiration and Illumination: People’s Health Assemblies towards a more caring world

The upcoming 5th People’s Health Assembly in Cali, Colombia, will be an opportunity to strengthen convergences that can jeopardize the existing world economic order

WHO funding A replenishment mechanism for WHO?

As the World Health Organization’s Executive Board gets ready to hold its 152nd meeting, the budget and financing of the United Nations health agency remain at the top of the agenda