Palestinian protester injured by Israeli sniper fire dies in hospital

Israeli forces opened gunfire on Palestinian crowds during the weekly Great March of Return protests, killing one and injuring 94. The casualties included women, children and paramedics

September 02, 2019 by Peoples Dispatch
great march of return protests, siege of Gaza, Gaza blockade
Relatives mourn the death of Badreddin Abu Mousa, 25, who succumbed to his injuries after being struck by Israeli gunfire. Photo: AFP

A Palestinian protester, who was shot and wounded by Israeli security forces during the weekly Great March of Return protests on Friday, died on Saturday. According to the ministry of health, Badereddin Nabil Mousa, 25, succumbed to injuries at the Gaza European Hospital.

Ashraf al-Qudra, spokesperson for the health ministry, said in a statement that “Badereddin was hit by a bullet to the head and died on Saturday morning.” According to sources, Badereddin was shot by an Israeli army sharp shooter in the southern part of the Gaza strip. 

More than 6,000 Palestinians participated in the protests on Friday along the Gaza-Israel border. 94 Palestinians were injured by the Israeli forces. The casualties include one woman, 25 children, two journalists and two paramedics.

The Great March of Return protests began in March last year. The main demands of the protesters are the lifting of the 12-year-long Israeli blockade of Gaza and the implementation of the right of return of Palestinians refugees.

More than 306 Palestinians have been killed and over 17,000 injured by Israeli security forces since the beginning of the weekly Friday protests and demonstrations. In the same time period, seven Israelis have lost their lives.

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