President-elect Masoud Pezeshkian promises continuity in Iran’s regional and foreign policies

Considered a moderate-reformist, Pezeshkian was declared a winner by the country’s interior ministry on Sunday

The number of forcibly displaced people reaches a record 120 million

New and existing conflicts and wars remain the largest contributor in forcing people to leave their homes followed by climate catastrophes such as prolonged droughts and frequent floods

Global People’s Health Movement calls for a new international economic, political, and social order

At a recent global gathering, hundreds of health activists committed to uniting the health movement with other progressive social movements. Their aim is to form a broad coalition for radical change to counter the crises of capitalism and imperialism

Regarding the pain of others as our own

The May 2024 TriconArt bulletin talks about the power of images amid campus protests, and art’s internationalist role

Will Israel start a regional war?

There is only one way to remove the threat of regional war breaking out: end the genocide in Gaza

Iran’s attacks against Israel has the West scrambling for a narrative

The West jumps through rhetorical hoops to defend Israel and condemn Iran after Iranians respond to attack on diplomatic premises in Syria

Why Iran attacked Israel and what could happen next

Iran’s unprecedented retaliatory drone and missile strikes on Israel mark a paradigm shift, but how will Tel Aviv and the United States respond?

Iran launches retaliatory strikes against Israel

The strikes came less than two weeks after Israel launched an attack on Iranian diplomatic premises in Syria

44% of all Palestinians killed by Israel since October 7 are children

Over 14,000 children have been killed and nearly 17,000 others have lost at least one or both of their parents in the Israeli bombings or ground offensives in the last six months in Gaza

Israel’s killing of seven aid workers in Gaza was intentional

Israel has killed aid workers and levelied false charges against agencies such as UNRWA, revealing its use of starvation as a weapon

Incarcerated organizers complete eight weeks of Alabama prison shutdown

Prisoners in Alabama have been organizing for years against a prison system which upholds modern day slavery

Senior Iranian commander killed in Israeli bombing in Syria

The terrorist attack against the Iranian consulate in Damascus assassinated senior commander of the IRGC, Mohammad Reza Zahedi, in a major escalation