Israel asesina a periodistas en Gaza

Como parte de su ataque genocida contra Gaza, Israel está asesinando a trabajadores de los medios de comunicación a un ritmo sin precedentes, aparentemente para impedir que el mundo vea las atrocidades incalificables que lleva a cabo.

“Food sovereignty guarantees a future”: International conference of La Via Campesina begins in Colombia

More than 180 movements from across the world are taking part in the conference which has emphasized the situations in Colombia and Palestine

Censorship of pro-Palestine content on social media continues

The bias and censorship by social media platforms limits Israeli accountability for its crimes in Palestine and feeds into the dehumanization of Palestinians

Colombia joins Algeria in filing legal complaint against Israel in International Criminal Court

Several countries have taken steps to formally denounce the Israeli genocide of Gaza, some steps more assertive than others

Only Israel, the United States, and Ukraine refuse to stand with Cuba

187 nations voted for a resolution to end the cruel and illegal 60 plus year US blockade against Cuba

Palestinian resistance continues against Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza

After the massacre at Jabalya refugee camp on Tuesday, Houthis in Yemen issued declarations of war against Israel

Bolivia severs ties with Israel over crimes against humanity

Bolivia becomes first Latin American country to cut ties with Israel since October 7

UNSC discusses war in Gaza Over 420 Palestinian children are killed every day in Israeli war on Gaza, says UNICEF chief

Israel has intensified its bombings inside the besieged Palestinian territory, repeatedly targeting shelters for the displaced and hospitals which are crowded due to the large number of people injured

Israeli bombing in Gaza Israeli forces move into Gaza with tanks and heavy artillery for next phase of its genocidal violence

Israel has completely ignored the UN General Assembly resolution, passed with and overwhelming majority on Friday, demanding an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza

Israel escalates war on Gaza, launching brief ground offensive

US continues to block all efforts to achieve a humanitarian ceasefire in the Security Council despite reports of lack of basic amenities inside occupied Palestine

Biden seeks USD 105 billion in funding for Israel and Ukraine

US President requests USD 61.4 billion for Ukraine and USD 14.3 billion for Israel days after touching down in the state

Naledi Pandor: “The most progressive thing to do is unite and [take] action”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Africa spoke in the first day of the III International Dilemmas of Humanity Conference and called for progressive organizations to unite and intensify international solidarity