2020 Elections: Tale of two Americas

Ben Becker of Breakthrough News discusses the deep social and economic issues affecting millions of Americans in the context of the upcoming elections

November 02, 2020 by Peoples Dispatch

US elections will be held tomorrow November 3 amid a situation of growing chaos and instability in the global “superpower.” The Coronavirus pandemic continues to rage on in cities and towns across the US. After eight months the country continues to be the global leader with over 9 million confirmed cases and 231,000 deaths. Meanwhile, millions in the country face economic uncertainty and instability, with real unemployment at an all-time high and evictions looming on the horizon. Ben Becker, editor-in-chief of Breakthrough News discusses with us the plight of millions of Americans amidst these historic elections and how the Republicans and Democrats are unable, and unwilling, to respond effectively to the real problems that they face.

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